Generic Provigil Online

Generic Provigil was not available for a long time, primarily because the drug was just making too much money to worry about making a generic. Even when the patent expired a few years ago the original maker went to court to keep other companies from making the drug for a while. The claim was that other patents were still active. All of this seems like it would make sense, after all when you have a drug that is making a lot of money the last thing you want to do is dilute the your profits by allowing others to make a lower priced alternative. What does it mean to those who suffer from serious sleeping conditions or those who suffer from problems with wakefulness that there is generic Provigil now available?

Well for starters people no longer have to worry about their insurance company limiting the amount of the medication they can have. Brand name Provigil was very expensive and the insurance companies would usually put a cap on how much of the drug a user could have. But what if they needed more of the drug? What would happen once the insurance company stopped paying for the name brand version? You see, insurance companies already do not like paying for brand names. The majority of the time if they can get a user to get the generic option of a drug they will do this. Seeing as how there was no generic version of Provigil available for so long, there was no option. So the insurance companies would just refuse to pay. Users who wished to keep using the drug had to pay for this out of pocket.

This would equal hundreds of dollars a month, which some could afford while others could not. It is an expense many just could not keep up for long. Now because of the generic version of Provigil being out there, users have a cheap option. The generic version of the medication is called Modafinil. Modafinil is the name of the active ingredient that is found in the drug. In order for any generic medication to be considered good it has to have the exact same amount of active ingredients inside of it as the name brand version. You can find out what the active ingredient amount is by looking at the level of mgs inside of the medication. Now there are a few differences you are going to find with the generic version of Provigil versus the name brand version. Do not let these differences stop you from using the medication. For some these differences are going to have an effect on how well the drug works for them. Other people are going to have side effects they might not have had before, because the binding ingredients that are used in generics are allowed to be different and there is no way to know how the body is going to react to them.

The first difference you are going to notice is going to be with the color of the tablets. The second difference you might notice with generic Provigil is going to be with the shape of the tablets. Now these are not major differences at all. The next differences you might notice are going to have to do with the quality. Obviously you want to make sure you are getting the generic from a manufacturer that is good, because this has a serious effect on qualify. Then you have the designing of the medication and the packaging in which it comes in. Lastly, the cost of the generic versus the cost of the name brand version is going to be very different. As you can see none of these differences should effect how well the drug works for you. The only people who might have problems as mentioned before are going to be those who have a bad reaction to the binding ingredients. In this case you might have to go with another manufacturer or stick to the name brand version, even if it is going to cost you more money to use it.

The differences mentioned regarding generic Provigil all have to do with a manufacturer trying to associate the medication with their company and trying to distinguish themselves. This helps people to know where a particular medication likely comes from, because the differences in generic Provigil are going to be the same differences you will notice with just about every generic medication that a particular company makes. This is important, because it helps users who are serious to keep up on what pills are likely coming from what source. All of this is also important when it comes to purchasing generic Provigil without a prescription through overseas companies.