Clonazepam 5mg

Sometimes we heard that there are people who abuse certain drugs that should be used of medical purposes. They use it for other reason. They try to get the effect ot the drugs. Some types of medicines can cause brain nerves work wrongly and may cause addiction. Have you ever heard about people who are addicted to drugs? They feel like they are flying. They want to get this effect. Drugs are actually designed to help people in relieving or curing their diseases in the body. However, using drugs in wrong doze is really harmful for us. If drug is used by wrong people it can cause destruction to the body. Drugs are designed for the specific purpose. For example, drugs for relieving headache must be consumed by those who have headache. The effect will work properly, then. The headache is reduced or relieved. But, just imagine if healthy people. The drugs that may make our body healthy will endanger our life. People who are not having headache are not suggested to consume the drugs for those who have because the effect will not good, of course. We have also heard about death that is caused by over doze of drugs.

One of dangerous medicine that can harm us if it is consumed wrongly is Clonazepam. The use of this medicine must be under controlled by doctors. Clonazepam may be formed in 2mg or 5 mg. Both of them have hazardous effect for inappropriate using. Clonazepam has different names in different country. Clanazepam 2mg or Clonazepam 5mg can only be got with prescription. This medicine is designed for helping people with soul disorder, over anxiety symptom, and mental disorders. Those disorders may be in the form of feeling of being attacked or called seizure. Heavy stress can also be relieved with clonazepam. If you feel those disorders happen to you, just go to the doctors. They may give you this medicine. Do not try to consume the drug before you consulting to your doctor.

This medicine has some contra-indications. This medicine will increase the work of alcohol in the body. So, people who are consuming alcohol should not use this medicine. If it happens, some of important organs in the body may be disfunctioned. Besides, pregnant woman should avoid consuming the medicine because it will harm the baby inside. It can cause pregnancy disorder.

Clonazepam is a dangerous drug. The users may feel the strong effect in the long time. The effct will last for several hours after consuming it. What are the effects of clonazepam to our body? If you are a healthy person, consuming this drug will cause great dizzy. This is the effect that always happens after consuming clonazepam. Clonazepam can make people lose balance. As a result, people who are unde the effect of clonazeam cannot walk or move properly. They will fall at last whenever they try. That is why after consuming clonazepam people are prohibited to run machines or drive cars. Accidents that may happen during the work will be dangerous. We can imagine people who get dizzy driving a car. Accident may happen badly. It can endanger himself and others too.

The use of clonazepam may cause addiction too. Someone who has consumed it for several times will be addicted. Whenever he stops using the drug he will suffer from great pain. He feel that he needs it so much. This drug works as habit formation too. Consuming this will be a habit.

Clonazepam should be avoided, too, by a mothers who is giving breast feeding to her baby. It can filtrate to the milk that finally enter the baby’s body. Of course, it is dangerous. Clonazepam is dangerous for adult and more dangerous for  children. The other effect of clonazepam for the users is the users cannot control themselves. Sometimes, they may have hallusination. They may also have thouht of suiciding. So, the drug users must be under controlled to avoid unexpected accidents.

People who have glaucoma disorder, liver and kidneys diseases should tell their doctor before asking clonazepam. The use of clonazepam for those people will make the disease get worse. With the inapropriate doze the drug may even kill the users. People who have ever been addicted to drugs and psicotropics are also warned. An alcoholic should consume clonazepam either.

Dangerous drugs such as clonazepam are not sold freely to people. This medicine can be got with prescription from the doctors or health experts. The use of these drugs should also be under controlled. Hazardous effects may be caused by the drugs. Great dizzy, depression, and amnesia are the bad effect of these limited drugs. How dangerous they are! The other effects are short breath, mouth dryness, and vision disorder. We, surely, have ever heard many case related to drug abuse. The drugs that should be used for good purpose are used for the bad one. We have to be careful in using certain medicine. We need to consult to our doctor fisrt before consuming drung which have dangerous effects to our body. Do not ever use drugs unless you consult to your doctors because we do not understand the effect that may appear.

If you are now consuming clonazepam for helping relieve your stress or as traumatic theraphy, you have to be careful in storing your drugs. Keep it away from others to maake t save and to prevent other contacting with it.